Historic event at MAI. Three Carabinieri are going to Kosovo to help with the peacekeeping mission

On Friday, 19 April, three employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI) from the Inspectorate General of Carabinieri (IGC) were deployed to participate in the international peacekeeping operation in Kosovo as part of the Kosovo Multinational Force (KFOR).

In a speech delivered at the inaugural event held by the Moldovan Association of International Relations (MAI), Minister Adrian Efros underscored the significance of the Carabinieri’s involvement in international missions and operations on behalf of the Republic of Moldova.

“The participation of our Carabinieri in the international mission represents not only the fulfilment of commitments under the UN Charter and international treaties but also a significant contribution to the promotion of the fundamental values of democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law. This mission in Kosovo represents an invaluable opportunity for these courageous MAI employees to showcase their professional expertise and abilities, while simultaneously enabling the Republic of Moldova to reinforce its standing within the international community,” said Minister Adrian Efros.

Defence Minister Anatoly Nosatii encouraged the three Carabinieri to contribute with honesty, honour and devotion to their mission in Kosovo. He assured them that their professionalism would be appreciated and respected by their colleagues and the mission command.

“For the three Carabinieri employees deployed in the KFOR mission, it is a privilege and a duty to represent with dignity the General Inspectorate of Carabinieri, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Republic of Moldova in an international peacekeeping mission. They will engage in stabilisation and peacekeeping activities in the region alongside representatives of more than 20 nations, “Captain Luchianic Ion said.


he IGC asserts that the Carabinieri’s participation in international missions and operations fulfils the commitments set out in the UN Charter, as well as those outlined in treaties with the European Union and other international organisations or third states. It also helps keep the world safe and stable and respects human rights and the rule of law.

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