How Will NATO Respond If Russia Attacks the Republic of Moldova?

“The Republic of Moldova will not be left alone if Russia were to direct its troops there,” said NATO’s Deputy Secretary-General, Mircea Geoană, in an interview on PRO TV. At the same time, the high-ranking official emphasized that, for the time being, there are no threats in this regard.

“We do not see signs of Russian Federation military resources reaching and connecting with Transnistria because the plan would have been to take Ukraine in a pincer move, with forces moving toward Odesa in the south, coming toward Tiraspol, and from the north, through Belarus, to complete the encirclement. I want to send a signal of reassurance and calm here in the Republic of Moldova. Today, we do not see Russian Federation military resources capable of doing this, also because Ukraine is doing its job very well, with our support,” stated Mircea Geoană.

It should be noted that NATO’s Deputy Secretary-General was on an official visit to Chisinau. Mircea Geoană held discussions with the country’s leadership regarding Moldova’s cooperation with NATO and the strengthening of the National Army’s capabilities.

In the context of the war in Ukraine, Mircea Geoană mentioned that “NATO does not see any military risks from the Russian Federation towards the Republic of Moldova.”

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