Ignatiev: “I do not rule out that the German armor will reach the security zone”

The so-called “Foreign Minister” from Tiraspol claims that the armored vehicles from Germany, delivered to the Republic of Moldova on Tuesday, will arrive in the security zone. He claims that receiving them would mean escalating the situation in the region.

“I do not rule out that this technique will appear near the Security Zone or even in the security zone. Instead of making political and diplomatic efforts and somehow solving the problem in a civilized, constructive way, we see completely different approaches, which do not lead to stability and security on the banks of the Dniester. Militarizing and arming Moldova is not a good solution. Such actions do not bring anything good. This is demonstrated by the international experience”, declares Ignatiev.


On Monday, the Ministry of Defense announced that on January 10 it will receive armored vehicles from Germany. They are delivered under an agreement signed in 2021.

“The transporters will be used as part of the training process for the military, who are to be deployed in international peacekeeping missions,” stated the Ministry of Defense.

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