The Presidency spent ZERO lei for Maia Sandu’s trip to Kyiv. Who bore the expenses?

According to the Presidency, the June visit of Maia Sandu to Kyiv cost the presidential administration 0 lei. The data were presented in the reports on the expenses for the trips of the head of state abroad in 2022.

At the request of the Realitatea editorial office, Irina Gotișan, head of the Information and Media Communication Directorate within the Presidency, stated that the delegation was transported by the State Protection and Guard Service, by car, to the border.


From the border, the Ukrainian side offered a free train for officials. The means of transport took Maia Sandu and her adviser, Dorin Recean, to Kyiv.

According to the Presidency, Maia Sandu’s most expensive trip was to Paris and cost the administration more than 77,000 lei. In second place is the visit to New York, for which more than 75,000 lei were spent.

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