What does the contract between Cuciurgan and Energocom hide? Gavrilița: I will request the Cabinet to publish it

Energocom reached an agreement at the beginning of January with Cuciurganul for the delivery of electricity to the right bank in exchange for 5.7 million cubic meters of gas/day. Asked why the contract with the power plant on the left of the Dniester is not made public, Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița said that she would discuss it with the Ministry of Infrastructure.

“I will discuss with the Ministry of Infrastructure and we will see what the limit of commercial secrecy is, I don’t see a problem, they are standard contracts, signed month by month, we can also give you details that can be discussed. I will ask the government to release this contract with the trade secret data cross-hatched. There is nothing special compared to previous contracts”, Gavrilița pointed out in a press conference.


Chisinau reached an agreement with Tiraspol at the beginning of December 2022 for the resumption of electricity supplies at a price of 73 US dollars, in exchange for the 5.7 million cubic meters of gas, but also for the environmental permit granted to the Rîbnița metallurgical plant .

The electricity supply contract is extended monthly. The Cuciurgan plant is controlled by the INTER RAO group from the Russian Federation.

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