Iurie Cipileaga- the Moldovan who makes art out of wood

Iurie Cipileaga is a sculptor from Mingir. He comes from a family of people who had direct contact with art. His father was a music teacher, and his mother – a teacher of fine art and linear drawing, writes Klumea.org.

Iurie says that his love of art comes from his family, where he was taught to look at things through the lens of beauty. And although he studied agronomy – he even worked as an engineer agronomist – life had other plans for him.

“The 1990s-2000s were very complicated, especially because of social and economic destabilization. And many specialists had to leave their jobs and the country in order to maintain their existence and family… I was among them.”

So, in 1997, the sculptor Iurie Cipileaga, then a former engineer, went to Greece to work.

“I beat heavy weights. I didn’t know the language, the culture, I didn’t have any acquaintances there and nobody was waiting for me. But through hard work and humility I overcame. Likewise, art helped me. I often visited the Acropolis in Athens. In one year I visited it six times, and so, step by step, I deeply analyzed every sculpture there.”

Iurii also says that all the ancient art around was stirring in his soul, and seven years ago, decided to dedicate himself entirely to wood carving. “The idea has been brewing inside for a long time, and here it is, seven years ago, it broke out. And all I think now is that – «Nothing is accidental!».


Now, Iurie Cipileaga, creates sculptures that are absolutely magical and as if torn from the story, right on the seashore. Because he settled with his family in Athens – where he dedicates his life to his great passion – sculpture. Any sculpture is an inspiration, says Iurii.

“I believe that the divinity of genius is planted from the first point of life. But, this gift is not yours and then this inspiration, this seed develops and kneads until the moment it becomes “reality”. The sculptor also told Klumea that work and sculpture in general is a meditation for him.

“The sculpture reproduces everything I feel and see. But know that not every piece of wood lets you do everything you imagine, and there are even cases when the same piece of wood, from the heat it has at the moment, can become cold as stone.”

Iurie says that when he sees a log that falls straight to his heart, he looks at it for a long time and lets himself be creative, that’s how a “piece of art” is born from a piece of wood. “I mostly work with olive wood, because it has an extraordinary structure and what impresses me is that the part that has been exposed to the sun is the most structured and so different. Then I like mountain cedar, maritime pine, plantain and mastic but it’s hard to find and it costs a lot.”

The sculptor also says that he often finds wood on the seashore and according to him, it is the most precious to him. “After the sea has kneaded it with its salts and the sun has warmed it – there is no better wood for sculpture.”

According to the sculptor, his works have reached most countries in Europe, Japan, China and North America. He also participated in exhibitions and fairs in Greece, including at the invitation of the Moldovan ambassador.

Iurie Cipileaga’s works can be seen on Instagram: @woodline_art and on the Etsy website Woodlineartshop, as well as on Facebook (here: bit.ly/3j4F78Z)

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