Igor Grosu Discussed Strategic Partnership with EBRD President

In a meeting held during her visit to the Republic of Moldova, Odile Renaud-Basso, President of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), met with Igor Grosu, the President of the Parliament.

During the meeting, Igor Grosu highlighted the EBRD’s continued role as a trusted partner to the Republic of Moldova, particularly through programs supporting entrepreneurs, strengthening the country’s energy independence, and significant investments in infrastructure.

With the EBRD’s contribution, approximately one-fourth of Moldova’s railway between Tighina – Basarabeasca – Giurgiulești is being rehabilitated. Furthermore, two sections of the M3 Express Road, connecting Chișinău – Comrat – Giurgiulești – and the border with Romania, are set to be inaugurated in the coming days. “I am pleased that with the new country strategy for Moldova for the years 2023-2028, approved by the EBRD in February of this year, our country will be able to continue projects aimed at enhancing energy security, promoting renewable energy, and strengthening the national financial system and infrastructure,” stated the President of the Parliament.


In addition to discussing ongoing initiatives, the legislative leader also briefed the EBRD President on the government’s efforts to achieve economic growth this year by supporting entrepreneurs, fostering digitalization, and streamlining the business environment through administrative simplification. These measures aim to attract new investments to the Republic of Moldova. “The current government is committed to an ambitious reform program, which should lead our country closer to the European Union,” emphasized the President of the Parliament.

The meeting between Igor Grosu and Odile Renaud-Basso underscored the fruitful partnership between the Republic of Moldova and the EBRD. By bolstering various sectors, including energy, transportation, and financial systems, this collaboration aims to support the country’s sustainable development and bring it closer to its European aspirations.

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