Igor Grosu: Even if the crises continue, the parliament has an ambitious agenda

The people’s elected officials met today, February 2, in the first plenary session of the spring session of 2023. Ensuring good conditions for business development in the regions and at the local level, the development of villages and cities in Moldova, fighting corruption, driving changes in the fields of education and health. These are just some of the priorities of the legislature in this session, claims speaker Igor Grosu.

“This year, we aim to return to economic growth. We will support those who work and contribute to the budget – entrepreneurs, employees, young people and families. That is why I want us to focus our efforts on ensuring good conditions for business development in the regions and at the local level, to give communities the chance to increase their well-being and prosper. We need to support small and medium entrepreneurs and encourage investment in our country. Despite the existing crises, we must do everything to open as many well-paid jobs as possible in Moldova. Moldova cannot prosper without a diverse, developed economy connected to international markets. In the next period it is important to make a massive effort to eliminate bureaucracy from various sectors of the economy. Thus, we will free up as much space as possible for entrepreneurs to develop. We will simplify procedures, remove barriers and free the economy. We want the Republic of Moldova to develop and we want this to happen quickly”, said the head of the legislature.

The speaker of the Parliament also referred to the development of villages and towns in Moldova.

“Last spring we launched the “European Village” national program, and the first fruits are already visible in the schools, kindergartens in the localities, but also in people’s homes through water and sewerage projects. In the first year of the program, half of the communities in Moldova entered the competition within this program and won funding for their projects. And we have demonstrated that resources can be distributed according to the needs of the population, not according to political color, and we will continue to work in this way. But remember one thing – Moldova can only develop if the central and local authorities work in partnership. So – I urge you to focus on the development of local infrastructure and the creation of opportunities for communities, but not on partisan funding and group interests”, argues Grosu.


The Republic of Moldova has taken an important step towards European integration in the last year. In June 2022, our country received the status of a candidate country for joining the European Union. European integration remains a priority of the government, Igor Grosu also stated.

“We need quick and incisive action in the fight against corruption, which remains a priority of the government. People are looking for justice, they want to see thieves and all those who broke the law in jail. People want Moldova to become a state of law. So we must continue our efforts to ensure that no one is above the law. And despite the unprecedented resistance from the corrupt in the justice system, we will not give in and will carry out all the commitments we have made – to reform the Supreme Court of Justice as soon as possible, to speed up the voting of the law on the assessment of the integrity of all judges and prosecutors, so that by the end of the year we have a new Council of Magistrates, a new Council of Prosecutors and everyone in the system evaluated. I am convinced that together with judges, prosecutors, citizens, lawyers, all of us who want a real justice reform are in the majority and together we can make this reform. That’s the only way we’ll be successful!”, emphasized the head of the Parliament.

Igor Grosu had a message addressed to the deputies as well.

“We have an ambitious agenda. Even if the crises continue, we must continue the reforms and show people that the state can provide security, development and change people’s lives for the better. That’s what they expect from us and that’s what we have to do,” Igor Grosu said.

The meeting was inaugurated by the singing of the National Anthem by the “Gloria” Choir from the Center for Excellence in Artistic Education “Ștefan Neaga”, laureate of multiple international competitions, conductor – Valeria Diaconu.

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