The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova: Moldovans want peace, freedom, and democracy

After Sergei Lavrov declared that Moldova would be pushed towards becoming a new Ukraine, officials from Chisinau reacted. The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Daniel Vodă, points out that the inhabitants of our country, regardless of their geopolitical preferences, want “freedom, peace and democracy”.

“We categorically reject the statements of the head of Russian diplomacy that does not correspond to the truth and are part of the already well-known threatening rhetoric of Russian diplomacy. We would like to remind the Russian side that the path that the Republic of Moldova is taking is the path of joining the European Union. This is the country project supported by citizens. Moldova as a state and Moldovans regardless of political or geopolitical preferences want Peace, Freedom, and Democracy. We will appreciate that all countries of the world, including the Russian Federation, respect the decision of our people. The Republic of Moldova has clearly chosen its future, and this future is part of the free world”, declares Vodă.

On Thursday, the Russian propaganda press published an interview in which Sergey Lavrov said that the president of Moldova wants to join NATO and unite with Romania, having dual citizenship. At the same time, according to the Russian official, Chisinau does not resume the 5+ negotiations, under the influence of the West.


The Presidency of the Republic of Moldova has not yet commented on the statements in which Maia Sandu is targeted. The Realitatea editorial office also asked the Reintegration Bureau to comment on Lavrov’s words about the format of negotiations regarding the resolution of the Transnistrian conflict. We’ll be back with updates on the topic.

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