Igor Grosu: Moldova – a small country, with valuable people

The male chess team of the Republic of Moldova, which ranked 6th at the World Olympics, achieving a historic result and the best ranking in history for our country, was received yesterday, August 15, at the Parliament by the President of the Parliament, Igor Grosu.

“I welcomed today to the Parliament this young, ambitious team that has got a fantastic result. They told me about their experience in Chennai, India, where they had as their opponent the multiple world champion Magnus Carlsen with whom our player, Ivan Schițco, achieved an honorable draw. I congratulated the coach Ruslan Soltanici and the players Andrei Macovei, Vladimir Hamițevici, Iulian Baltag, Ivan Schițco and Dragoș Cereș (who was not present). I wished them success and thanked them for the dedication and joy they brought to all chess lovers, not only from the Republic of Moldova. Out of 188 teams that participated, to rank 6th it is an extraordinary performance,” Igor Grosu wrote on social media.

At the same time, the president of the Legislature also congratulated the female chess team from the Republic of Moldova, which ranked 66th.


“We certainly witnessed a golden week for Moldovan sports. The Moldovan canoeist Serghei Tarnovschi won the gold medal at the distance of 5000 meters at the World Canoe Championship in Halifax. The young wrestler Cătălin Spînu became the European champion in freestyle wrestling. And the judoka Mihail Latîşev won the World Championship in Ecuador. Moldova – a small country with valuable people”, concluded Igor Grosu.

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