IMF: The population of the Republic of Moldova is shrinking

The population of the Republic of Moldova will decrease by 200 thousand people in five years, to 2.32 million inhabitants, according to the estimates made by the IMF regarding the economic evolution of the Republic of Moldova, writes BANI.MD.

Thus, the country’s population will gradually decrease. In 2023 there will be 2.49 million inhabitants, in 2024 – 2.45 million inhabitants, and in 2027 – 2.32 million inhabitants. The IMF points out that the depopulation of the Republic of Moldova remains a serious problem for the country.

Regarding the economic evolution, the fund says that in 2022 GDP will be equal to 0%, in 2023 – 2.3%, in 2024 – 5.7%, and in 2027 – 5%. In terms of value, the country’s GDP will reach 18.7 billion dollars in 2027.


Regarding inflation, the IMF states that at the end of 2020 inflation will reach 28.5%, in 2023 – 13.8%, and in 2024 – 5%.

Investors will not flock to the Republic of Moldova. For example, in 2023 relative to GDP they will be 28.05%, and in 2027 – 26%.

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