Incredible mobilization on networks! Money has been raised for Marseli, the Moldovan injured in Bali

Incredible mobilisation on social media. Moldovan Marseli Mizerniuc, seriously injured in Bali, is to undergo surgery. In 24 hours, almost €210,000 was raised through a charity. The young man was involved in a serious traffic accident and was diagnosed with a fractured left femur and pulmonary bleeding. Moreover, after five days of incorrect treatment, Marseli’s condition worsened, and it was discovered that he was suffering from ascending aortic dissection, an extremely serious medical condition that affects blood flow to the brain.

A team of doctors from Moldova has flown to Bali to operate on the young man, charity founder Svetlana Sainsus has announced. She also announced that family and friends had covered a good part of the expenses, but because it was not enough, the help of all Moldovans, and not only, was called upon.

“Today, once again, I was convinced that Moldovans are very responsive to needs. Now, it’s all up to God and Marseli. Be strong lad, Moldovans, from all corners of the world today put a piece of their heart to your heart to withstand the most complicated surgery,” Sainsus wrote.


The Moldovan was involved in a serious road accident late last week during his holiday in Bali.

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