Inflation in Moldova. 30% increase in consumer price in 2022

Average consumer prices in December 2022 compared to December 2021 (in the last 12 months) increased by 30.2%, including food products by 31.8%, non-food goods by 19.9%, and services provided to the population by 44 .0%. The data was presented by the National Bureau of Statistics.

During 2022, more pronounced price increases were recorded for the following food products: chicken eggs – by 59.1%, vegetables – by 56.1%, sugar – by 55.7%, fruits – by 48.8%, bakery products, and cereals – by approx. 37%, milk and dairy products, meat and canned meat – by over 21%, and vegetable oil – by 8.3%.

The increase in consumer prices for non-food goods was determined by the increase in the prices of fuels and fuels – by approx. 35.9% (including coal – 2.1 times, briquettes and biomass pellets – 2.0 times, firewood and diesel fuel – by 36.7% and 36.3%, respectively, liquefied gas packaged in cylinders – by 25.0%, gasoline – by 21.3%), materials for home maintenance and repair – by 25 .8%, footwear, and clothing – with 14.2% and 12.4%, respectively.


With reference to the services provided to the population, during 2022, there was a significant increase in the prices of energy services (electricity supply services increased by 2.7 times and natural gas supply services by 1.8 times ). At the same time, the prices of passenger transport services increased – by 63.4% and public catering services – by 26%.

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