Is the exit of the Republic of Moldova from the CIS a problem for the country?

Currently, 69% of Moldova’s apple exports reach the CIS market. These are Kazakhstan, Belarus, and the Russian Federation.

The Minister of Agriculture, Vladimir Bolea, declared during the “Rezoomat” show on RLIVE TV that Chisinau does not intend to leave the CIS, and that “the decision must belong to the people”.

According to the minister, “we have a precarious situation with a lack of communication channels as a result of the war in Ukraine, and it would be an additional problem for Moldova to give up the CIS.

Moreover, it is not an impediment for Chisinau to honor its obligations as a candidate country for the EU, but also to implement the Association Agreement. This was also confirmed by the EU ambassador in our country”.

The CIS was established in 1991 when the then leaders of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and the Republic of Belarus denounced the agreements signed in the Belaveja Forest.


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