Moldova ‘burned’ all 300 million EUR from the EBRD!

The Republic of Moldova has spent all the 300 million euros it borrowed from the EBRD to purchase gas, according to a statement released by Energocom.

The state trader says the purchase price was €91.4/MWh, but this price does not include transport and storage costs. It is estimated that one thousand cubic meters cost 965.6 euros, writes BANI.MD.

Energocom does not say how much gas it purchased from the borrowed money. Still, a simple calculation shows us that from the 300 million euros, the Republic of Moldova could buy up to 300 million cubic meters of gas.

“The gas purchased with the money from the EBRD is enough for the Republic of Moldova to get through the winter. (…) According to the contractual provisions with the EBRD, Energocom is obliged to sell gas to the Moldovagaz company. There are very strict procedures that Energocom followed in order to be able to buy gas from the allocated money”, Energocom director Victor Bînzari told BANI.MD.

More than 100 auction rounds were organized for the purchase of methane. During the tenders, there were offers for gas delivery for different entry points, including the Iasi-Ungheni entry point, thus using the Iasi-Chisinau gas pipeline.


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