Is Moldova to receive air defense systems?

Discussions about the requests made to the West by the country’s president, Maia Sandu, to provide the Republic of Moldova with surveillance and air defense systems, continue. The announcement was made by Viorel Cibotaru, the head of the mission of the Republic of Moldova to the North Atlantic Alliance in an interview for Radio Chisinau.

“Part of these projects remain under management… within the limits of this European peace instrument, others are developed within the defense capacity strengthening projects. When it comes to missile interception systems or other types of weaponry, discussions are conducted in a bilateral, state-by-state framework. The Ministry of Defense and other competent institutions conduct negotiations directly with colleagues from other ministries. This constitutes a practical implementation of political understandings, it is a consequence and a result of the coordination of activities, of the division of labor in this field offered by international platforms such as the North Atlantic Alliance or the European Union”, stated Cibotaru.

Viorel Cibotaru also spoke about the extended, adapted package of the military capabilities program for the Republic of Moldova. The Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in Brussels specified that the assistance offered to the Republic of Moldova does not include lethal weapons.


“The package refers to the continuation of some projects, but in a new formula, for the professional development of both civilian employees and civil servants in the field of security and defense, but also of military personnel, equipment for the protection of military personnel, both of a medical nature, medical kits for their use in a battlefield, as well as equipment for exceptional situations of different nature, considering those risks and threats related to possible catastrophes. Another project is related to the modernization and reformation of the carabinieri troops.

A new compartment – a set of projects dedicated to societal resilience. It refers to cyber security, a new information protection system, including the compartment of strategic communication or popular diplomacy – a very important element in promoting an image of the Republic of Moldova with NATO”.

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