Join the 8th National Carpet and Port Festival in Mihăileni Village!

The authorities of Mihăileni village in Rîșcani district announce the organization of the 8th edition of the National Carpet and Port Festival, which will take place on the 20th of August, this year.

As such, dozens of traditional craftsmen from various localities in the country and abroad will gather at the 8th edition of the National Carpet and Port Festival.

“We dress nicely and come to the leisure park in Mihăileni on Sunday, 20th August 2023, at 10:00 AM, to meet talented people and admire handmade works! There will be good music and traditional cuisine specific to the participating localities at the event. We challenge you to share the good mood with us and take part in a heartfelt meeting organized with love for Mihăileni,” says the Mihăileni Town Hall.

For more questions and details, follow the event’s Facebook page. You can find the location map of the village there.


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