(VIDEO) Krasnoselsky met with Mazeiks: Transnistrian leader ‘complained’ about Moldova’s refusal to sign the Peace Declaration

On July 2, Vadim Krasnoselsky met with EU Ambassador to Moldova Janis Mazeiks in Tiraspol. During the meeting, the Tiraspol leader “complained” to the EU ambassador to Moldova about Chisinau’s refusal to sign the Peace Declaration.

Tiraspol proposed this document for Chisinau to sign back in May. According to Krasnoselsky, Moldova’s deputy prime minister for reintegration rejected the proposal.

“The question arises: why? What is not to like in this Declaration? Everything is clear and transparent – a call for peace, mutual respect, and the previously fulfilled agreement. The call is for all participants in the negotiation process to join this Declaration. Everyone talks about peace and the aggression exclusion, including the Moldovan side. So let us sign. Let us register this desire,” Vadim Krasnoselsky said.

Also, during the meeting, Krasnoselsky presented the full text of the Declaration.

“The sides welcome civilized political methods of dialogue and international mediation, contributing to the settlement of concrete problems in the people’s interests.


The parties will work to prevent the deterioration of the situation in the negotiations, with a lack of constructive solutions leading to risks of escalation of tension and loss of social support for the ongoing dialog.

Transnistria and Moldova will welcome the accession of all participants in the negotiation process to this Declaration,” the document says.

In addition, Vadim Krasnoselsky complained about the bank blockade by Chisinau. According to the Left Bank leader, this prevents Transnistrian entrepreneurs from enjoying the free trade regime in the EU.

For his part, Janis Mazeiks asked Krasnoselsky to provide a complete list of enterprises affected by the bank blockade and other restrictions.

The politician’s office for reintegration did not comment on the Transnistrian leader’s words.

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