Maia Sandu Amplifies Women’s Voices at Moldova Women Forum 2023

“The voice of women in the Republic of Moldova is strong and heard. In Parliament, we have 40% of female deputies, and every fifth municipality in our country is led by a woman,” stated the head of state, Maia Sandu, at the “Moldova Women Forum 2023.”

Over 200 women participated in the event, and the country’s president spoke to participants from various fields about the strength of Moldovan women.

“We also discussed obstacles: family violence, hate speech, unequal wages. We will overcome them only by supporting each other, by uniting our efforts, women and men,” the head of state mentioned.

The president also conveyed to the women that, in these challenging times, we must do everything to protect our democracy. Through the solidarity and common commitment of women and men, a more resilient and equitable society can be built.


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