Strengthening Moldova-Australia Security Cooperation

The meeting between the Minister of Internal Affairs, Adrian Efros, and the Ambassador of Australia in the Republic of Moldova, His Excellency Bruce Kevin Jeffrey Edwards, focused on bilateral cooperation and the continuation of common projects.

Officials discussed expanding collaboration between the two countries, particularly in improving national security. In this regard, the Minister of Internal Affairs informed the Ambassador of Australia in the Republic of Moldova about the New National Security Strategy of the Republic of Moldova and the importance of the “Strengthening Security Sector Governance in the Republic of Moldova SSGM 2023-2025” program. This program aims to enhance executive and legislative capacities to contribute to good governance in the security sector through policy development, legislative acts, significant oversight, and the strengthening of strategic and operational management capacities within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, among other aspects.

Additionally, they emphasized the short and medium-term objectives and priorities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Other topics of discussion revolved around border management, security, public order, preparedness, and response to exceptional situations, among others.

His Excellency Bruce Kevin Jeffrey Edwards expressed appreciation for the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ efforts in ensuring and maintaining security at the border and in maintaining law and order in society.

Both parties expressed willingness to collaborate and cooperate in the future on common areas of interest.


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