Maia Sandu at the Moldovan Student Gala: Focus on opportunities, not on difficulties

Yesterday evening, December 21, President Maia Sandu greeted the young people gathered at the Gala of students originating from the Republic of Moldova, an event that celebrates Moldovan graduates of universities abroad.

In her message, President Maia Sandu urged young people to look for opportunities for professional development at home after graduation.

“I was happy to see dozens of talented and hardworking young people gathered in the same hall, whom I congratulated for their excellent academic results. We invited our graduates to look for opportunities for employment and professional development in Moldova, using internships, business financing programs or job offers in the country – as other young people, today parliamentarians, ministers, did a few years ago or successful entrepreneurs”, said the Head of State.


The president also said that the opportunities for young people will increase with the advancement on the path of European integration, and we now have the opportunity to support the change for the better in our country.

You can find Maia Sandu’s full speech at the Gala for students originating from the Republic of Moldova HERE.

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