On watch and “First on duty!” – MAI presents its activity since the war started

The Ministry of Internal Affairs has released “First on duty” – a short film that reflects the actions taken by the internal affairs system of Moldova, in order to defend the homeland, since the first moments of the war in Ukraine.

The day of February 24 played a crucial role not only for the neighboring country but also for the Republic of Moldova. All subdivisions of the MAI joined forces and acted promptly, and jointly, to ensure the integrity of the borders and respect for public order.

In practical terms, the 7-minute video represents the balance sheet of the MAI’s activity from February until now.

“In a world where you can hardly distinguish truth from falsehood, where reality can be distorted by fake news, where the invisible war develops battlefronts you hardly expect, where you encounter propaganda at every turn, in this volatile reality, The MAI decided to present itself and show what it has done for the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, from the first moment of the war”, said the Minister of Internal Affairs, Ana Revenco.

The short film is made up of real images, captured during the multiple crises that our country went through during the ten months of war: starting with the wave of refugees, the energy crisis, the blockade of the transport of goods, the missiles that fell on the territory of Moldova and ending with the anti-government protests. Moreover, the film presents the public order and social security measures that were taken during this period.

Through this film, the MAI reminds the citizens that, beyond difficulties and challenges, the system of internal affairs will always be on the front line, “First on duty!”.


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