Igor Grosu talks about Moldova’s neutrality status. What is to be done?

Giving up on the state’s neutrality, which is enshrined in the Constitution, is not a solution for the Republic of Moldova, said Igor Grosu, the head of the Legislature. According to him, the country must focus on strengthening its defense capabilities.

Grosu referred to the results of some polls, according to which the citizens opt for keeping the status. He declared, in the Radio Moldova studio, that a different decision, in the context of the Transnistrian problem, would amplify it.

“We must strengthen our neutrality, law enforcement and armed forces, collaborate with our neighbors, with Romania, with the European Union, to participate in peacekeeping missions,” Grosu claimed.

The President of the Parliament specified that, in his opinion, taking over the international experience in pacification is the best capacity to strengthen the armed forces. He also pointed out that investments in the military field are increasing in 2023, and the Ministry of Defense is also looking for external support.


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