Maia Sandu at the „Tech Women Summit”

Moldovan women and girls who work in the IT field – programmers, engineers, graphic designers and software designers were encouraged by the president of the country, Maia Sandu, “not to be afraid of challenges and to persevere, in order to capitalize on their talent  and knowledge and to embrace the profession they want”.  The message was delivered by the head of state at the third edition of the “Tech Women Summit”, held on Saturday, October 15.

The head of state spoke to the participants, who came to the Summit including from Cahul, Bălți or Comrat, about her political experience and how she succeeded despite the stereotypes or hate speech that still persists in our society.

According to Maia Sandu, there is a need for the involvement of as many women as possible in all areas of public life, and “the access of girls and women to professions in the promising sectors of the economy will provide greater development opportunities for both them and the state.

During the event, the president of the country sent a message of gratitude to rural women, in the context of marking the International Day of Rural Women.


Maia Sandu thanked them for the dedication with which they work in support of families and communities in Moldova, and for “their inexhaustible energy, which helps us build a better country”.

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