Official reserve assets increased by more than $60 million in one week

Official reserve assets summed $4.289 billion, $62 million more as of October 7 compared to the end of September, according to data from the National Bank of Moldova.

NBM has over 2.19 billion dollars in securities, placements with central banks and the IMF – 1.276 billion dollars and banks with offices abroad – 810 million dollars. Monetary gold totaled, on October 7, 4 million dollars.

The historical record of official reserve assets was recorded on October 1, 2021 – 4.073 billion dollars.

The latest NBM data show that over 20% of financial assets are placed in the USA, the Netherlands with almost 12% and Germany with 10%. These states are specifically chosen for the placement of financial assets as a result of the high rating and the safety of the investments. More than half of the NBM’s financial assets are placed in AAA-rated states.


At the end of 2019, foreign reserves amounted to USD 3.05 billion in 2018 – USD 2.9 billion, in 2017 – USD 2.8 billion, in 2016 – USD 2.2 billion, in 2015 – USD 1.756 billion, in 2014 – 2.156 billion USD, in 2013 – 2.8 billion USD, in 2012 – 2.5 billion USD, in 2011 – 1.965 billion USD, and in 2010 – 1.7 billion USD.

The official reserve assets (identical to the gross international reserves) are the assets available at any time and controlled by the National Bank of Moldova for the purpose of direct financing of the balance of payments imbalance, for the indirect regulation of the balance of payments imbalance by carrying out interventions on the foreign exchange market in the purpose of implementing the monetary and currency policy of the National Bank of Moldova, as well as for other purposes. Other foreign currency assets are those foreign currency assets, which belong to the National Bank of Moldova and which are not part of the official reserve assets.

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