Maia Sandu discussed with the Justice Minister the most urgent chapter of the EU accession negotiations

President Maia Sandu and Justice Minister Veronica Mihailov-Moraru discussed today the most challenging and urgent chapter of the EU accession negotiations. The presidential press service reported it.

Maia Sandu highlighted that combating corruption and establishing a robust and impartial justice system are fundamental prerequisites for fostering a fair society in Moldova, beyond being crucial commitments for Chapter 23 on Judiciary and Fundamental Rights in the accession process.

“It’s not sufficient to create the conditions for the judiciary to operate transparently; we must ensure equality for all. We truly need professional integrity and greater courage from judges and prosecutors,” the head of state stated.


The President underscored that corruption has hindered Moldova’s development and progress. “Rooting out corruption is a gradual process. The judiciary must act with greater speed and determination to build a democratic society,” concluded the head of state.

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