Maia Sandu had meetings with the members of the EBA association

The security and economic situation in the country, and the conditions in which businesses operate in Moldova, was one of the topics of the discussion today, September 28, of the head of state, Maia Sandu, with the members of the European Business Association (EBA) from Moldova.

The head of state thanked EBA members for investing in our country, creating jobs and contributing to economic development, as well as for staying here in these difficult times.

“We can only build a solid democracy and a resilient economy with a strong private sector,” said Maia Sandu.

Maia Sandu mentioned that the government is carrying out several reforms, the purpose of which is to improve the business environment in Moldova. One of the priorities remains the justice reform and cleaning the system of corrupt persons, which will ensure the proper functioning of the state institutions and which is expected by the whole society.

Likewise, the digitization process of public institutions will continue, thus facilitating business activity; education reform, to increase the professional training of graduates, and renewable energy projects will be supported, which will contribute to strengthening the energy independence of the country.


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