Maia Sandu: We can not afford to impose sanctions against Russia

Maia Sandu reiterates that the Republic of Moldova does not join the sanctions against Russia. In an interview with Europa Libera, the head of state said that if it had done so, our country could have faced several problems, including energy issues.

According to her, the war has already created problems for the export of domestic products to the markets of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. At the same time, the president states that Western officials have understood Moldova’s position and are shocked by the difficulties it faces after the Kremlin’s invasion of the neighboring country.

“Let’s discuss what the sanctions would mean. I have already said that on the export and import side, with the exception of energy resources, nothing can get worse, because we simply do not have access to either the Ukrainian market, the Russian Federation market or the Belarusian market. The most important element of our trade relations is energy resources. Can we leave the country without gas and electricity today? No, we cannot, neither for the sake of our citizens nor for the sake of the 100,000 refugees in Ukraine, of whom 50,000 are children. We have all the support of our Western partner. They try to help us find alternatives, but until we find these alternatives, obviously we cannot ignore the reality”, said Maia Sandu.

During the discussion, the head of state was reluctant to say directly whether Kiev was upset by the decision, but she pointed out that such a decision would not benefit Moldova, Ukraine or the West.

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