MEP Cioloș, Optimistic About Moldova’s EU Accession within Seven Years

Dacian Cioloș, Member of the European Parliament (MEP), expressed his belief that it is realistic for Moldova to join the European Union (EU) within seven years. In an interview with TVR Moldova, Cioloș emphasized that for Moldova to achieve this objective, certain processes need to take place both in Chisinau and within the EU community.

“In the European Parliament, we have discussed timelines and objectives over time. The seven-year timeframe can be realistic if certain developments occur this year, both in the Republic of Moldova and at the European level. Once the Accession Treaty of the Republic of Moldova to the EU is signed, it is important for the integration process to be gradual and initiated prior to the treaty’s signing,” stated Cioloș.

Cioloș further explained that Moldova will be able to benefit from European policies once it successfully concludes negotiations on various chapters, including the alignment of legislation with EU standards.

Highlighting the potential advantages of this approach, Cioloș mentioned that Moldova could receive EU funding even before the accession treaty is signed. This would provide the country with financial support to implement necessary reforms and meet the requirements of EU membership.


Cioloș’s remarks have sparked hope and optimism among Moldovan citizens, as they envision a future where their country becomes an integral part of the European Union. The possibility of accessing EU policies and funding prior to formal membership is seen as a significant opportunity for Moldova to accelerate its development and align itself with European standards.

As Moldova continues its journey towards EU integration, the progress made within the country and the ongoing negotiations with the EU will be closely monitored by stakeholders in both Chisinau and Brussels. The seven-year timeline presented by Cioloș serves as a tangible target, encouraging Moldova to expedite necessary reforms and undertake the transformative changes needed to meet EU accession criteria.

The path to EU membership holds immense potential for Moldova, and as the country strives to align itself with European values and standards, its progress will shape its future relationship with the European Union and its position within the wider European community.

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