Powering Ahead: Moldova and Romania Forge Stronger Energy Ties with OPCOM’s Expansion

The Romanian electricity market operator, OPCOM, is set to open a subsidiary in Moldova for conducting energy transactions, according to Victor Parlicov, an official from the Republic of Moldova. Parlicov recently discussed this matter with authorities in Bucharest, aiming to strengthen energy cooperation between the two countries.

Parlicov, the Minister of Energy in Chisinau, highlighted that Energocom, a Moldovan energy company, has already established a branch in Romania since last autumn. This development has allowed Moldova to procure electricity during periods of domestic market shortages.

“We visited companies in Bucharest, including Transgaz and Transelectrica. During the meeting with the Romanian gas operator’s leadership, the main topics discussed were the natural gas supply routes used by the countries in the region and the separation of the gas transportation system in the Republic of Moldova,” noted Parlicov.

During his visit to Bucharest, the Moldovan official also held meetings with the management of Transelectrica. The discussions focused on accelerating projects related to interconnecting energy infrastructure. Additionally, Parlicov engaged in talks with the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) of Romania, with an agreement to increase the number of meetings between experts for sharing best practices concerning Moldova’s integration into the European energy system.


The establishment of a subsidiary by OPCOM in Moldova represents a significant step towards strengthening energy ties between Romania and Moldova. This move will enable more efficient electricity transactions and contribute to the stability and security of the energy market in both countries.

The discussions held in Bucharest reflect the shared commitment of Romania and Moldova to enhance their energy cooperation and promote regional integration. The cooperation between OPCOM and Energocom, along with the efforts to interconnect energy infrastructure, will facilitate the exchange of energy resources, improve supply reliability, and ultimately benefit consumers in both countries.

As Moldova continues its journey towards energy integration and aligning itself with European standards, collaboration with Romania and other regional partners remains crucial. The ongoing exchange of expertise and the establishment of subsidiary operations pave the way for a robust and sustainable energy sector in Moldova, supporting the country’s aspirations for closer integration into the European energy market.

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