Shielding Moldova’s Security: EU Launches EUPM Mission to Bolster Resilience and Counter Hybrid Threats

The Council of the European Union officially launches the EU Partnership Mission in Moldova (EUPM Moldova) on Monday as part of the Common Security and Defense Policy (CSDP). This mission is set to increase the resilience of the security sector in Moldova, addressing the evolving security challenges faced by the country.

“The objective of the mission, established at the request of the Moldovan authorities on April 24, 2023, is to contribute to the strengthening of crisis management structures in Moldova and to enhance its resilience to hybrid threats, including cybersecurity, countering foreign information manipulation and interference (FIMI),” stated the Council.

The mission will provide strategic advice and identify capacity-building needs to support Moldova in addressing security challenges effectively. Diplomat Cosmin Dinescu has been appointed as the Head of the mission, with civilian operations commander Stefano Tomat serving as the mission’s commander.

The Council further highlights that destabilization efforts targeting the Republic of Moldova have significantly increased since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine. Moldovan and EU authorities view these efforts as a direct threat to the stability and security of the European community’s external borders.

The launch of EUPM Moldova represents a crucial step in reinforcing Moldova’s security sector and enhancing its ability to counter hybrid threats. By providing strategic guidance and expertise, the mission aims to improve crisis management capabilities and safeguard Moldova’s security interests.


As Moldova continues its journey toward stability and security, the EU’s partnership mission will play a pivotal role in supporting the country’s efforts. The joint collaboration between Moldova and the EU reflects a shared commitment to address security challenges and maintain regional stability.

The EU Partnership Mission’s presence in Moldova serves as a tangible demonstration of the European Union’s commitment to the security and well-being of its Eastern partners. It reaffirms the EU’s dedication to supporting Moldova’s resilience and fostering a secure environment for its citizens.

Moving forward, the close cooperation between Moldova and the EU within the framework of EUPM Moldova will contribute to the consolidation of Moldova’s crisis management structures and enhance its ability to counter emerging security threats effectively.

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