MIA of Molodova reveals its action plan for 2023!

Strengthening public order and security capacities, strengthening the integrated management of the state border and migration, EU integration, and digitization. These priorities were developed in cooperation with representatives of civil society and development partners and were included in the Government’s Action Plan for the current year.

Public order & Security

Therefore, for 2023, in the field of public order and security, the MAI proposes:

  • Regionalization – the policeman will be closer to the community, through more police patrols present in the street and the reduction of the number of employees of the administrative apparatus;
  • Elimination of the territorial principle – when called, the nearest patrol will intervene, regardless of the territorial (district) radius in which it operates;
  • The operationalization of local safety councils – a collaboration with local public administrations, to benefit the communities and solve the problems specific to the locality;
  • Fortification of the police sectors – the employees of the MAI subdivisions will be assigned so that each locality benefits from the prompt intervention of the police;
  • Interoperability of intervention services – MAI subdivisions will provide support to one another, in case of incidents that require a more complex approach;
  • Operationalization of the Family Justice Center – victims of violence and abuse will benefit from all legal, medical, and psychological assistance under one roof.


Another priority intervention is the digitization of processes, as follows:

  • crimes and accidents will be documented in digital format, with high-performance technical means, and the documentation time will decrease considerably. At the same time, it will not be possible to intervene in the data and they will not be able to be changed;
  • road traffic will be monitored more efficiently by developing automatic checkpoints and expanding the video monitoring network;
  • all reports from citizens will be centralized in a single system so that no request remains unanswered by the authorities and has finality;
  • documents will go exclusively in digital format.
  • In the chapter on strengthening the integrated management of the state border and migration, the priorities will focus on making the work of employees more efficient and citizens crossing the border more quickly, streamlining cross-border traffic. In the case of migrants, the public services provided will be digitized, and foreigners will benefit from identity documents, access to services, and faster integration into society.


Moreover, in 2023, the initiatives and projects with the EU started last year will be developed, in particular:

  • Operationalizing the Security HUB – improving the flow of information, assistance, and collaboration with external partners in the field of internal affairs;
  • Creation of the Firearms and Ammunition Focal Point – weapons and ammunition will be able to be monitored, and crimes with their use prevented;
  • Approaching the EU Civil Protection Mechanism – more operative, professional and faster intervention in cases, on the format of Western countries;
  • Provision of national assistance services – IGSU of the Republic of Moldova can intervene, in turn, to help other states, in case of calamities and disasters.
  • In order to implement these wishes, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is in the process of drafting a series of normative acts, which will be submitted for approval to the Government and the Parliament, according to the MAI press release.

The main interventions in the field were submitted to public consultations on Friday, January 20, and reflect actions programmed within the Strategy for the Modernization and Development of the Internal Affairs System 2022-2030, approved last year, the strategy is structured and calibrated to deal with the threats and challenges generated the war in Ukraine.

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