Russian senator reacts to the declarations made by Maia Sandu in Davos

“Is Mrs. Sandu really so indifferent to Moldovans and so dependent on Washington that she is ready to repeat the suicidal policy of Poroshenko and Zelenski?!” In Russia, an official reacted to the words of the president of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, about the possibility of the country abandoning its neutral status to join a “larger alliance”, writes

Russian senator Andrei Klimov calls for “drawing your own conclusions about the thoughts of the current leaders to turn Moldovan lands into another theater of NATO military operations”.

“This lady is 50 years old. So she lived in the USSR until he was 20 years old. Sandu should know our shared history and that we should not entrust the fate of your people to the West. The Ukrainian population is getting smaller and smaller every day, with the care provided by Biden and the Caucasians under his minions. Its number in the territories controlled by the Kyiv puppet regime is already almost 2 times lower than it was in the Ukrainian SSR. They have lost millions of people. It exceeds, the entire population of Moldova. And the economy and social sphere of the most developed republic of the USSR – Ukraine – are now the concerns of its pro-NATO executors in ruins. Or maybe the purpose of Sandu and Co. is to make Moldova still neutral and formally independent a province of NATO Romania (perhaps one of the most backward NATO member countries)?”, Klimov wrote on Telegram.

We remind you that, in an interview with Politico, President Maia Sandu said that the authorities of the Republic of Moldova must analyze whether it is necessary to give up the neutrality enshrined in the constitution or whether our country will be able to defend itself.


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