Minister Spînu explains what will happen if Gazprom stops gas delivery

Until today, the Russian concern Gazprom still has not confirmed the delivery of natural gas to the Republic of Moldova after October 1. The announcement was made by the Minister of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Andrei Spînu, during a TV-show.

According to Spînu, even if Gazprom decides to stop natural gas deliveries, our country will not run out of gas and will activate natural reserves.

“I honestly believe that if they will terminate the contract, they will terminate it because of the better price that the Republic of Moldova must receive starting from October 1. Since August, I have said that the government is making sure that people continue to have gas. We have reserves of approximately 35 million cubic meters. From October 1, if we do not receive gas from Gazprom, this gas will be used and given to the citizens”, declared Spînu.

The minister states that the reserves are currently stored partly in Romania’s transport system (Iasi-Ungheni-Chisinau pipeline) and partly in the national transport system of the Republic of Moldova.


We remind you that yesterday, September 25, the Government announced that the first fuel tanks were delivered from Romania, to replenish the state reserve. The purchase quantity and price have not been announced. The Prime Minister’s spokeswoman, Anastasia Taburecanu, said that ‘it is a state secret, given that it is about replenishing state reserves’.

According to the pictures, 30 tank cars were brought. Each tank holds 60 tons, i.e. the total volume of fuel oil purchased is 1,800 tons, and the price paid by the authorities would amount to 1.8 million dollars, given that the cost per ton is 700-800 dollars, and including transport would reach 1000 dollars, writes

To get out of winter, the Republic of Moldova needs about 320 thousand tons of fuel oil.

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