Moldova is ready to fulfill its obligations under the Paris Treaty

In 1972, an unusual conference took place in Stockholm, Sweden. Multiple country representatives met to launch the global development initiative meant to minimize the harm to the planet. The UN understood the dangers at which we might expose the future generations due to climatic changes.

50 years after the conference that launched the Environment Day, the International Community met for the second time at the conference “Stockholm+50” Between June 2-3, 2022, in Stockholm, Sweden, the official discussed the subject “a healthy planet for the prosperity of all – our responsibility and opportunity ”.

This global forum has been a platform for involving over 500 representatives of international organizations, states, private companies, corporations, academic environment and young people with initiative in the direction of making a sustainable future.

In this context, Liliana Guțan, the head of the UN section and of the specialized agency from Maie, had an intervention in the plenary session. “The Republic of Moldova is prepared to contribute to the global response and promote multilateral cooperation, in order to achieve the objectives of the “Vision 2050” strategy of the Convention on Biological Diversity
to “live in harmony with nature.” From this point of view, we reiterate our full commitment
to the goals of the Paris Agreement on maintaining global average temperature well below two degrees Celcius, as well as the environmental size of the 2030 UN agenda. At the same time, we fully support the development of an effective global framework on post-2020 biodiversity, as a key tool for sustainable development, which would serve as a reference point for national transformative actions.” said Liliana Guțan.

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In a speech that captured the attention of her colleagues, the representative of Moldova called for the other countries to join the multilateral actions of global transformation, and to learn from the mistakes of “amnesia at crises ” that was mentioned in this panel.

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