Moldova’s place is in the EU, says the Romanian Chamber of Deputies’ President

“The place of the Republic of Moldova is in the European Union, there is no other way of development for the Republic of Moldova than entering the EU. Romania must help the Republic of Moldova. Romania does not make a favor for Moldova, it has the obligation to help the Republic of Moldova in this whole process”. Such a statement was made by the President of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of Romania Marcel Ciolacu, on a work visit in our country.

Ciolacu held a joint press conference with the President of the Moldovan Parliament, Igor Grosu. He came with a delegation of people with expertise in the field, hoping that in the next period we will accelerate the cooperation on this parliamentary dimension.

“The Republic of Moldova passes through a period of transition, of uniformizing its legislation with that of the European Union. Romania has passed this period long ago. It is a shame not to work together in the field of legislation, so that we are as efficient as possible and increase the chances of the Republic of Moldova to become a full member of the EU. We live in complicated times – in our countries, in the whole of Europe and in the whole world as well. We are witnessing a war and an aggression on a sovereign state whose people decided that they also want to adhere to the European democratic values. These people were ruthlessly attacked. We represent the parliaments of two sovereign states, categorically, but we have to think the same and work together. I think that after today’s discussion and, especially after the common meeting, the European and parliamentary dimension will enter a completely different level of cooperation, ”said Ciolacu.

Igor Grosu declared that he discussed with Marcel Ciolacu about the interparliamentary relationship, specifying that seven sessions have already been held.

“I emphasized the importance of the amendment in the declaration, especially in the regional context, – the need to implement the concept of common border between the two states, including by creating a bilateral working group on carrying out the fluidization norms of cross -border traffic. Through common border control, we want to make the activity of carriers easier, which in these days plays a key role in supporting the supply at regional level. Also, we will soon organize for the first time the common meeting of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and the Parliament of Romania and I am glad that the meeting will take place in Chisinau. It is a powerful message of supporting the efforts of the current governance in reforming the country, a message about what we can do together to increase cooperation (in areas such as infrastructure, energy, investments, health, education or culture) and accelerate EU accession efforts. ”, Grosu pointed out.

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We remind you that Ion-Marcel Ciolacu makes a work visit to Chisinau, at the invitation of the President of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Grosu. The agenda of the visit to Chisinau of the President of the Chamber of Deputies also includes meetings with the president of the country, Maia Sandu, and with Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița.

The President of the Chamber of Deputies in the Parliament of Romania, Ion-Marcel Ciolacu, is accompanied by a delegation of deputies and senators.

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