Ukraine will provide electricity supplies to the Republic of Moldova!

Ukraine’s largest electricity producer, Energoatom, has started delivering electricity to Moldova on June 4th, at a price of $ 77 per MWh, according to the company’s announcement.

According to the agreements, Energoatom will deliver to the Republic of Moldova, 85,200 MWh of electricity. Energoatom has great potential to increase electricity production, so its export to Moldova and subsequently to neighboring EU countries is a promising market.

The company also says that Moldova’s energy supplies depend on energy production in Cuciurgan, located in the Transnistrian region and owned by Russia. Ukrainian exports will allow Moldova to diversify its electricity sources and strengthen its energy security.

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Energocom has previously extended its contract with the Kuchurgan power plant for another month and will buy electricity from it in June for $ 59.9 per MW, compared to $ 59.5 the previous month. The Kuchurgan power plant, which is controlled by the Russian group INTER RAO, provides 70% of the electricity needed on the right bank of the Dniester.

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