Moldova and France Discuss Strengthening Defense and Security Cooperation

The strengthening of Moldo-French dialogue in the field of defense and regional security was discussed today during the meeting between Prime Minister Dorin Recean and the Minister of the Armed Forces of the French Republic, Sébastien Lecornu.

Officials discussed the multiplication of interoperability projects between our countries, aimed at accelerating the transformation of the National Army and the modernization of the defense sector.

“Moldova and France have common interests when it comes to stability in our region. Alongside France, we are determined to modernize the National Army to address security challenges,” mentioned Prime Minister Dorin Recean.

Officials also discussed the letter of intent for bilateral cooperation, which was signed today by the Minister of Defense, Anatolie Nosatîi, and his French counterpart.


The document will strengthen the bilateral dialogue between our states for the benefit of defense reform and the development of dialogue with the French defense industry.

“I am the first French Minister of Defense to undertake an official visit to the Republic of Moldova. We continue to learn lessons and draw conclusions after Russia’s attack on Ukraine. These are multifaceted conclusions. For several months, our teams have been closely collaborating to define a much more concrete partnership. This partnership is based on Moldova’s sovereignty and integrity. We know that you have chosen to increase your defense budget. France can assist you in this regard within the framework of the European defense mechanism,” stated Sébastien Lecornu.

“Moldova and France share common interests in terms of regional stability. Alongside France, we are determined to modernize the National Army to address security challenges,” declared Prime Minister Dorin Recean.

France proposes three pillars for advancing cooperation with Moldova.

“Firstly, it concerns the training of men and women in military uniforms. France invites Moldovan officers and non-commissioned officers to its military academies. Additionally, military personnel can receive this training alongside our troops in Romania. At the same time, our officers will be present at the General Staff of the National Army of the Republic of Moldova. Our interest is in creating long-term strategic intimacy between our two ministries,” said the Minister of the Armed Forces of the French Republic.

The second pillar involves strengthening defense capabilities and the provision of modern equipment.

“In this regard, we allow ourselves to move forward on multiple fronts. I refer, first and foremost, to the transfer of some equipment from the French army, which we will provide to Moldova. This includes individual defense equipment and weapons. I know that other countries are participating in this effort as well. Additionally, it concerns the new equipment you are acquiring. You have just announced the purchase of a radar to monitor the airspace of the Republic of Moldova. The delivery schedule for this radar is around Christmas. This acquisition also includes a training program. The purchase of the radar is important because we use it, as do many NATO countries. It creates excellent interoperability. We will keep the details between us, but there will be other equipment proposals. This includes ground equipment, as you have chosen to strengthen defense capabilities in this regard as well. We will support you in this area,” Sébastien Lecornu continued.

“We had an open discussion about regional security, the top priorities related to state defense. We also discussed defense reform and development priorities. Shortly ago, I signed a bilateral document of intent with the Minister of the Armed Forces of the French Republic, which will strengthen bilateral dialogue. We discussed opportunities for collaboration between our institutions, both on a bilateral level and within international organizations. […] Thank you for the assistance and openness in the process of concluding contracts necessary for the air surveillance system that we recently acquired from the national defense budget. This is an important step in our efforts to ensure airspace security and the development of the Moldovan-French partnership,” stated Anatolie Nosatîi, the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Moldova.

The third pillar involves strengthening strategic dialogue between the two institutions.

“We have signed a letter of intent committing us to work on a collaboration agreement between our two countries. This way, we will provide the necessary means. I want to emphasize that within the French Embassy in Chisinau, there will be a defense mission. Until now, we did not have a military attaché. The defense mission will operate permanently in the Republic of Moldova,” added the French official.

France also commits to conducting an audit regarding air defense capabilities.

“We discussed today the incidents that you have experienced (remnants of rockets falling on Moldovan territory). From fighting drones to protecting larger areas. This audit will allow us to make decisions regarding the protection of Moldova’s airspace. We are providing engineers, our military personnel… The audit will be conducted with experts from the French army and representatives from our defense industry. I came to Chisinau with industrialists who build weapons. Moldova is exposed to risks, and France’s vocation is to help our friends defend themselves. We cannot be selfish. It is our vocation to stand by our partner, the Republic of Moldova,” concluded the French Minister.

Prime Minister Dorin Recean thanked Minister Sébastien Lecornu for the recent contribution of the French Republic to the NATO Capability Development Fund and for the support within the European Union’s European Instrument for Peace, from which our country benefits.

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