Moldova and Romania start exchanging electricity

The Republic of Moldova and Romania will start today, June 30, the first exchanges of electricity. In the opinion of the Romanian MEP, Siegfried Mureșan, this is important for the citizens.

“Today begins the first exchanges of electricity between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. Romania and the European Union have managed, in a short time, to come to the aid of the citizens of the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, affected by energy supplies due to the Russian war. In March, just one month after the start of the Russian Federation’s war of aggression, the European Union acted to synchronize the electricity network of Ukraine and Moldova with the European electricity network. This synchronization was necessary precisely to allow trade in electricity between Europe and the Republic of Moldova, respectively, Ukraine. Today, only four months away, Romania will have the first commercial exchanges of electricity with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, on the interconnection between Romania and Ukraine, according to the information made public by Transelectrica “, announces the MEP.

According to Mureșan, the integration of the two countries in the European electricity system would have lasted, in normal situations, much longer, not just a few months.

“That is why, the efforts made by Romania, the European Union and the two countries are commendable so that we can guarantee energy deliveries for the citizens of the two countries. Furthermore, we must support the two countries through even more investments in energy interconnection with the European Union. This is all the more important now, after granting the status of candidate country for Moldova and Ukraine “, concludes the MEP.

We remind you that, at the beginning of March, the European Union synchronized the electricity network of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova with the European electricity network, in order to reduce the dependence of our country and Ukraine on the Russian Federation.

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