Moldova Beats Cold Winter Thanks to Stored Gas Purchased from Romania and Ukraine, says Borosan

The Republic of Moldova has successfully overcome the cold winter season thanks to the volumes of natural gas purchased and stored in Romania and Ukraine, according to the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Energy, Constantin Borosan. In an interview with Radio Moldova, Borosan said that the acquisitions were made at a high price, but the cost of stored gas was determined by international market developments at the time.

Borosan added that the country is now planning to acquire a new volume of natural gas. “Today, we have stored gas to ensure that consumers are supplied with energy no matter what happens. To be able to purchase more gas, we need to have available financial resources, which means that the purchased gas must be delivered, consumed, and paid for. This creates the financial resource that can be used to procure cheaper natural gas. Scenarios are currently being developed in this regard and it represents a priority on our agenda,” he said.


It is worth noting that at the end of December, the Republic of Moldova had approximately 250 million cubic meters of gas in reserves. Despite the high cost of the gas purchased, it was necessary to ensure the energy security of the country during the winter season. The Ministry of Energy is now working to develop a strategy for the procurement of cheaper natural gas, which will be crucial for the long-term energy sustainability of the country.

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