President of the EU Council Charles Michel to visit Chisinau on Tuesday

Charles Michel, the President of the European Union (EU) Council, is set to visit Chisinau on Tuesday, according to European authorities. The institutions in Chisinau have not yet provided any information about the meetings. However, the EU Council confirmed that discussions are scheduled with Maia Sandu, Dorin Recean, and Igor Grosu.

The visit is set to begin at 11:40 am with a meeting with the head of state. A press conference will follow at 12:50 pm, along with joint discussions with the President and Prime Minister. The EU Council President will also meet with the head of the legislature and the Prime Minister.

The last meeting is scheduled for 3:30 pm, but the topics of discussion have not been disclosed yet. According to the EU Council, Michel will meet with the President and Prime Minister of Romania the day before his visit to Chisinau.


The visit is expected to cover a range of topics related to EU-Moldova relations and the country’s progress toward its reform agenda. The discussions are likely to touch on issues such as the rule of law, democracy, economic development, and EU integration. The visit comes at a critical time for Moldova, as the country continues to pursue closer ties with the EU and works towards consolidating its democratic institutions.

Michel’s visit is an important step towards strengthening Moldova’s relations with the EU and signals the bloc’s continued support for the country’s reform efforts. The visit is also an opportunity for the EU to reaffirm its commitment to the Eastern Partnership, which aims to strengthen ties between the EU and its eastern neighbors.

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