Moldovan exports to Romania reach a record high of one billion euros, says Minister Bolea

Moldova’s exports to Romania have surpassed the record sum of one billion euros, according to the country’s Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Vladimir Bolea. The minister also noted that authorities in both countries are identifying new ways to help Moldovan producers sell their goods in Romania. Meanwhile, exports to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) have decreased by 30%, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is expected to further reduce export figures, according to the Moldovan news agency IPN.

Official statistics from Moldova’s National Bureau of Statistics show that Romania is the top buyer of Moldovan products, accounting for 28.6% of all exports. The Minister of Agriculture emphasized that Romania remains Moldova’s primary trading partner, especially following the conflict in Ukraine, which caused a sharp drop in exports to CIS countries.

“Our exports to Romania have exceeded one billion euros. In 2021, we exported over 800 million euros, and now we have surpassed one billion. Our exports to the CIS total 240 million dollars, but we are seeing an annual decrease in our export revenues in this region of between 25-30%. Our export figures to Eastern markets continue to decline, primarily due to very complicated and expensive logistics. Poland has blocked its border with Belarus, preventing transporters from entering the CIS zone, making economic activity almost impossible and totally unprofitable,” explained Vladimir Bolea during an interview on the JurnalTV program “Cabinetul din umbră” (The Shadow Cabinet).

The minister added that the conflict in Ukraine has destroyed many agricultural areas, prompting Moldova to export vegetables to its neighbor, despite previously importing onions from Ukraine.


“Vegetables are now being exported to Ukraine. Moldova, which traditionally imported onions from Ukraine, has now become an exporting country. Last summer, we also exported other vegetables to Ukraine. Their vegetable-producing regions have been destroyed, so that’s why the reversal in trade has taken place,” said Vice Premier Vladimir Bolea.

The minister also stressed that the Romanian market is a top priority for Moldova, and authorities aim to expand it by promoting Moldovan products.

“Now, our entire economy is focused on Romania. We are in discussions with the Investment Agency, the Chamber of Commerce of Moldova, and the Chamber of Commerce of Romania to create “Made in Moldova” exhibitions. Some exhibitions will be free for small Moldovan producers with excellent products. We are trying to promote ourselves as much as possible, as the potential for consumption and procurement in the Romanian market is very high,” Vladimir Bolea explained.

To promote Moldovan products in Romania, producers are invited to participate in the “Moldova Presents” exhibition, which will take place in May in Cluj-Napoca and in June in Brasov. Applications for participation will be accepted until April 30, 2023.

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