Moldova expects to receive 25 million euros from Germany

The Moldovan government has approved a 25-million-euro grant from Germany for the development of the economy and infrastructure, Prime Minister Dorin Recean said.

“We have approved a grant of about 25 million euros from the German government. Half of this amount will be given to small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to stimulate their development, while the other half will be used to develop infrastructure in towns and villages,” Recean said at the briefing.

Thus, we are talking about financial co-operation, which implies German participation in four projects on the territory of Moldova.

In the coming time, the two governments are expected to start negotiations on signing an agreement to this effect.

In Moldova, the opposition has been holding anti-government protests since May 2022, pushing for the resignation of the cabinet and President Maia Sandu, who is the informal leader of the ruling Action and Solidarity party.

The demonstrators accuse the country’s authorities of failing to deal with the crisis in the economy and energy sector.


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