Moldova needs a new modern high-efficiency cogeneration plant

“Moldova needs a new modern high-efficiency cogeneration plant, and in this sense, we are looking for companies interested in developing the Feasibility Study for new high-efficiency thermal and electrical energy production facilities for Termoelectrica S.A”, announces the Secretary of state, Constantin Borosan.

According to him, the study will examine various modern technologies, fuel solutions, and complementary technologies.

At the same time, energy, technical, economic, and financial models will be developed – in order to identify the optimal solution and investment strategy, proposed for implementation.

“The construction of a new high-efficiency cogeneration plant to replace existing facilities will play an important role in ensuring the country’s energy security and developing the national energy system. It will also contribute to the development of the district heating system in the municipality of Chisinau and the efficient and reliable provision of thermal energy to consumers”, says Borosan.


The Republic of Moldova is facing an unprecedented energy crisis following the suspension of deliveries by the Cuciurgan plant. Respectively, Chisinau reoriented itself on the Romanian market and at the moment is buying electricity from OMV Petrom – 50 MW/h and 35 MW from Nuclearelectrica at a price of 90 euros MW. The rest of the electricity is purchased from the Romanian OPCOM stock exchange at 380 euros per MW/h.

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