Moldova to borrow 25 million dollars for the modernization of animal husbandry

25 million dollars will be invested in the livestock sector to modernize cattle farms. The statement was made by the Minister of Agriculture Vladimir Bolea, within the Advisory Council on the bovine sector. According to the official, the money will be provided in the form of support by the World Bank. He did not specify, however, when the aid will arrive in the country.

During the discussions, the representatives of the Council mentioned that they encounter difficulties in procuring energy resources, and fodder and negotiating the price between suppliers and milk processors. In response, Bolea announced that the ministry is drafting the Subsidy Regulation and that cattle breeders will be supported by the state this year as well.

“The new mechanism will provide for the provision of subsidies per kilogram of milk delivered based on invoices and per head of heifer until the first calving. We know the challenges facing the livestock sector, generated by the drought of 2022 and the increase in input and utility prices. For this reason, additional financial support will be provided by the World Bank, through which 25 million US Dollars will be invested in the livestock sector, in order to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of farms.”


Likewise, the official mentioned that in the current year, the activities of peasant households will be capped, according to the model applied to non-professional holdings and that their taxation system will be modified.

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