Moldova to provide Ukraine with humanitarian aid of over 16.8 million lei

The Emergency Situations Commission decided on Saturday to grant goods from the reserves of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health as free international assistance to Ukraine. The humanitarian lot will arrive in the neighboring country at the beginning of February, its total value being about 16.8 million lei.

“The Ukrainian people need our support, of all those who believe that war can only bring destruction and suffering. We are still by your side, with the hope that we can contribute as little as possible to people’s needs and to the end of this unjust war”, said Prime Minister Natalia GavriliÈ›a.

In the fourth batch of humanitarian aid offered to Ukraine, several types of medicines (antibiotics, anesthetics, infusion systems, immunostimulators) are included, as well as goods necessary for the restoration of the energy sector affected by the bombings (cables, fuses, transformers, switches).

Most of the assistance is goods from the reserves of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations. These consist of tents, duvets, mattresses, pillows, sheets, towels, crockery sets, washable coveralls, masks, latex gloves, and rubber boots.


Also on Saturday, CSE members came up with decisions regarding the expense coverage incurred in the process of managing the refugee crisis.

Thus, 327.3 thousand lei from the Government’s intervention fund will be allocated for the maintenance of temporary placement centers, established by the local public authorities of the first level, and another 3952.4 thousand lei – for those of the second level.

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