Moldova to Receive $95 Million Tranche from IMF to Enhance Resilience

The Republic of Moldova will benefit from a $95 million tranche as the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has completed the fourth review of the agreed program with our country. The total value of tranches granted under the current program is approximately $466 million, according to MOLDPRES.

Simultaneously, the Executive Board approved the extension of the program by six months, until October 19, 2025. In addition, a new program financed through the Resilience and Sustainability Financing Mechanism (RSF), totaling around $173 million, was approved. The RSF program aims to support Moldova’s efforts to enhance resilience to climate shocks, assist in energy sector reforms, strengthen the financial sector’s capacity to address climate change and energy crises and mobilize sustainable financing.

According to the IMF, Moldova continues to face persistent challenges, and fiscal policy must continue to focus on mitigating the impact of multiple crises, supporting economic recovery, and advancing long-term reforms. Executive directors positively assessed recent reforms to strengthen governance, combat high-level corruption, and fortify the rule of law.

IMF Deputy Director Kenji Okamura stated, “The implementation of the ECF/EFF program remains strong despite challenging circumstances.”


“The war waged by the Russian Federation in Ukraine continues to significantly impact Moldova’s economy. The impact of the energy crisis has been partially mitigated through the implementation of emergency action plans, with progress made in diversifying energy sources. Inflation has slowed more quickly than expected due to well-calibrated monetary policy and the rapid decline in prices of food and fuel. A modest short-term economic recovery is expected, supported by domestic demand growth. Despite challenging circumstances, Moldova has demonstrated resilience and maintained positive reform momentum,” the official specified.

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