PM Recean admits that the opening of accession negotiations to the EU could be delayed

Prime Minister Dorin Recean is confident that the accession negotiations to the European Union will be opened, but he admits a possible delay in the decision. The head of the executive maintains that if Moldova does not receive a favorable decision at the December summit, then this decision could be made in March. The Prime Minister argues that our country is a “champion” in implementing recommendations.

“We are building Europe at home in absolutely all areas. If it doesn’t happen in December, it will happen in March, if not in March, it will happen anyway. But we need to continue implementing the necessary reforms for our citizens, we need to continue building Europe at home. We have already made a choice. We are firmly convinced that we will open negotiations. Moldova is a champion in implementing recommendations. The European Commission has appreciated the result of the reforms,” stated Dorin Recean in the “CABINETUL DIN UMBRA” show on JurnalTV.

At the same time, Dorin Recean argues that the authorities in Chisinau believe that the decision to join the EU for Moldova and Ukraine should be “together.”

“Our position is that we need to be together with Ukraine, together, for the opening of negotiations. We are with our friends and neighbors. We are grateful for the courage and valor of the Ukrainians. Today, Ukrainians ensure peace and security in our region,” specified the head of the Executive.

It is worth mentioning that Ukraine and Moldova have been granted the status of “candidate country” together. On November 8, the European Commission recommended to the European Council the opening of accession negotiations for both states. The decision to initiate accession negotiations for Moldova and Ukraine to the European Union will be made by the European Council at the summit on December 14-15.


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