Moldovan authorities cancel privileges for economic agents from Transnistria: reaction of Tiraspol leader

The Moldovan authorities have canceled privileges for economic agents from Transnistria to gradually include these companies in Moldova’s common economic and trade space. It will ensure fair competition for all economic agents in the country.

Tiraspol leader Vadim Krasnoselsky discussed this issue on January 4 with the heads of the so-called economic and foreign policy departments, Serghei Obolonik and Vitaly Ignatiev.

Thus, Krasnoselsky said that Transnistrian entrepreneurs are offered the opportunity to work on the European market within the DCFTA, but Moldova limits the implementation by its internal decisions.

For his part, Vitaly Ignatiev noted that “at the end of the year, Chisinau and Tiraspol held negotiations of working groups on economic issues,” but “there were no signals about upcoming innovations.”


Sergei Obolonik said that the Transnistrian authorities had tried to clarify this issue.

“Within the current formats of the “5+2″ negotiations, we tried to clarify this issue. But no objective position was announced by the Moldovan side. The work on interaction is underway. We continue to clarify the mechanisms of what is happening. There is no clear position at the moment. But the signals, unfortunately, are quite negative,” Obolonik said.

Tiraspol also said that this will lead to additional losses of local producers. In this regard, the Transnistrian authorities intend to involve international negotiators, including the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, in discussing and resolving the situation.

From January 2024, the privileges for customs export-import duties have been canceled for economic agents from Transnistria. Now, they have to pay these duties on an equal footing with other companies from Moldova.

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