Moldovan cherries, on European markets

The Customs Service of the Republic of Moldova announces an exponential increase in exports of sour cherries (99%) and sweet cherries (117%) in 2022.

Moldovan exporters delivered over 12,000 tons of cherries (about 640 trucks) and over 3,000 tons of cherries (about 160 trucks) across the border, compared to the similar situation in previous years, the figure practically doubles.

The amounts of cherry exports are estimated at over 215 million lei, which represents an increase of 202% compared to over 91 million lei in 2019, over 116 million lei in 2020 and over 71 million lei in 2021.

In terms of sour cherry exports, the value of goods is estimated at over 38 million lei, which is an increase of 183% compared to over 13 million lei in 2021.

We recall that the Customs Service in collaboration with the National Agency for Food Safety, the Association of Fruit Producers and Exporters, and in cooperation with the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture and Food Industry, accordingly developed a mechanism to facilitate and prioritize the export of easily altered agricultural products (vegetables and fruit) and laid down rules on the process of crossing the border with this type of goods.


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